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Sunday, June 24th, 2007
1:25 am
Emo Poetry Rantage
so yeh
about yours truly,
I have been writing emo poetry since before... um.... pangaea.  This particular piece is incredibly important to me... It represents the years of torment and abuse from the world around me..  The sensitivity shows through: the dark imagery offset with by the delicate, nay, fragile sence of the narrator.  One can almost feel the kind of hate and despair that filled my soul as I wrote these words.

"The Darkness"

oh the darkness
you are like a blanket
except you are not that warm and fuzzy
...but still
you are my only friend
you dont judge me
just me and the dark
i love you darkness
that reflecet  my own soul
am i dark
or do i just reflect the darkness that surrounds me?
oh the dark
it  surrounds me
crushing my ribcage 
and rupturing my spleen
oh the dark
my spleen
oh god
the dark!
my spleen!
oh god, oh god!!!
the dark
and my mutilated corpse
but a victim of the dark
why did you kill me darkness?
i thought you were my friend
i guess you are just a douchebag
not even the darkness will be my friends
every breath i take 
i fill my lungs with darkness
the darkness
stabbing my lungs
blood spilling from me
splattering all over the ground
like kool aid
from the kool aid man's pitcher
to drown in ones own blood!
something smells like mample syrup
i hate pancakes
so now i am very sad
very very very sad.
like the time the darkness killed me.
everytime i look around
all i see is darness
when i try to hear
god dammit i'm deaf 
but anyway 
let me continue with this poem
everytime i try to feel,
the darkness stabs me
everytime i do my laundry
the darkness puts a red sock with all the white clothes
oh never to feel
what a beautiful world
never to feel never to have to care 
if i could carve out my heart that would be dumb
since its a part of the circulatory system 
and doesnt have any vital role in emotions
but if i could remove whatever controls emotions
that would rock,
so i could be alone
just myself
without that prick darkness
you're a fucking dumbass!
from this point on
i will be alone
just me
and my nonemotional thoughts
like mister spock
if he was manic depressive
just me and my thoughts
and occasionally my cellphone
or this computer
but aside from that alone
Oh the darkness

His Noble Lordship
The Fredd of Ineffable Wisdom
(Representitive of the Planet Klygor V)

Current Mood: apathetic
Sunday, May 13th, 2007
3:47 am
sweet powder of pain that has no feeling,
have you made this pain that you gave to me, 
did i tell you thing that make you mad,
hope is loseing, dispair has won,
kill my soul, tie it to the wall and tears will fall,
blood, cut my arm, let it bleed, i''ll show you what a fuckin' cunt can do to your heart.
Saturday, March 26th, 2005
7:49 am
This community was created with the sensitive emo soul in mind. Please feel free to post poetry, artwork, or whatever else jerks your tears.

Current Mood: sad
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